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We are a full service architectural design firm working on all phases of the design and construction of a project.  We have experience on many building types as well as; master planning, programming, LEED consulting, interior architecture, and lights.  We get involved with all scales of design and are interested in all phases of project delivery.   

Architectural Building Design


Architectural building design for all phases of projects from initial planning through post costruction.  We provide energy modeling and sustainable design using a variety of metrics; LEED, Passive House, Living Building Challenge, and Restorative Design.

Master Planning


Master planning of sites and campuses.  Our services include planning for flexibility, water and energy potential, climate change adaptation, and resiliency.



Developing the relationships between spaces, uses, and connections in order to meet the goals of the project.  We also help create metrics for measuring the success of the goals and objectives of the client.

LEED Consulting


Consulting for sustainability stategies for other designers and as well as our own projects,  This may include rating and measuring systems such as LEED certification, Passive House, Living Building certification, and restorative design.

Interior Architecture


Interior design and architecture for existing and new buildings 



Design and fabrication of lights and other objects for interior and exterior conditions.

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